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Get Set Go typeset a wide variety of documents from business cards, journals and catalogues to large novels and we've selected some examples of our work for you to view.

To read the case study, please click on a thumbnail picture. If you would like to
see the document in more detail or additional pages (where applicable), click the PDF icon below the thumbnail.

Please note that in some cases the resolution of the example is lower than the original work, which of course displays as a loss of quality!

Professional magazine typeset by Get Set Go
Catalogue layout and typeset by Get Set Go typestters
Book typesetting and layout company
Professional magazine

Catalogue and price list


Magazine typesetting by Get Set Go
Professional typesetting by Get Set Go
Journal and magazine typesetting
Medical journal cover

Seminar order form

Quarterly journal

Typesetting by Get Set Go typesetters
Desk Top Publishing company Get Set Go produced this business card
Get Set Go Typesetting company produced this calendar
School fixtures list

Business card

Fund raising calendar

07966 175536
Book Typesetting
Desktop Publishing
On site Freelance
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Case studies
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