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Why use Get Set Go

We appreciate that there are many typesetting and Desktop Publishing companies for you to choose from, but here are some reasons why we feel that our service stands out above many.....

With many years of typesetting and Desktop Publishing experience and a solid
grounding in the financial services industry we are used to working to tight deadlines under pressure and know that we can deal with virtually any job that comes our way!

We always strive to meet your deadlines and we will work overnight or through the weekend as necessary. We often accomodate jobs at short notice so please call us if you're stuck, even late on a Friday afternoon!

Cost effective and UK based:
We're very aware of the competitiveness of offshore typesetters. However, it should be taken into consideration that offshore prices often come with an unforeseen cost communication problems.

Get Set Go provide a UK based, cost effective service. We are contactable 24/7 and with overnight and weekend working any timezone advantages are often negated. Why not take the easy route and contact us with your requirements?

Fast and accurate:
Our in-depth understanding and experience of the major typesetting, desktop publishing and graphics software packages means that we apply them highly effectively resulting in a fast turnaround.

However, accuracy is not sacrificed for speed, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail which in turn ensures accurate results.

Customer care:
We value our capability to liaise closely with you, our customer with regards to schedules, typography, fact all aspects of your project. Our aim is to make typesetting
as trouble free as possible for every customer no matter how large or small.

Just let us know what you need and we will produce the
results you are looking for with speed,
professionalism and accuracy!

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